Dominate Every HVAC Contractor in Your Area

Become the Most TRUSTED, Most RESPECTED and Most LIKED HVAC Contractor in Your Area

Please explain the economics to me.

There’s 2 answers:  First, the investment, and then the payment process: 

$   99      One-time Reservation fee – paid at sign-up.
$  499     One-time Customization Fee.  (there are more than 57 customization items in the book)
$1,997    100 Fully-customized TrustBooks @ $19.97 each.
$2,595    Total

It’s broken down into 3 payments, as follows:

$   99      Reservation fee – paid at sign-up.
$1,248    This equals 50% of the Customization fee and 50% of the TrustBooks production and printing fee – paid prior to the Customization Conference.
$1,248    This equals the balance of the Customization fee and the TrustBooks fee – paid prior to print production.
$2,595    Total

Any additional TrustBook orders will not include the Reservation and/or the Customization fees.  Those are one-time fees per area.

(April 15, 2022)  One more note regarding fees.  They’re the same as they were when we began in 2017.  We’re all experiencing increases in supplies, labor, etc.  Because of the increased expenses in paper and distribution, our printing costs have increased 12.5%.  We’re still maintaining our 2017 prices, and if they change, so will this website. 

Here’s a promise for you:  If you sign up at our published fees, WE WILL NOT INCREASE THEM on you.  Consider it our “handshake” and we still believe in “handshake deals.”

I’d like to have a better idea of what’s in the book first. Will you send me a sample TrustBook?

We used to send sample books out – until we discovered that a few contractors have ruined it for everyone.  But – we have a solution.  Just call us or drop us a note in the contact form.  We’ll set up a “TrustBook Tour” where we share our desktop and walk you through the book – page-by-page.  We’ll also be happy to answer any of your questions.

HOW and WHEN do I use the books for my best advantage?

As soon as your books are finalized and sent off to be printed, we provide you with a link to a 15-minute training video.  The video is designed for you and your team to watch together, and it discusses the various opportunities to give the books to your prospects and customers.

We really put a lot of thought into this and as you’ll discover, the books will give your sales team a big advantage over any other HVAC contractors in your area.  There is no more powerful “business card” than your TrustBooks.

We’ve also listened to contractors who are successfully using their TrustBooks to increase sales.  We’ve integrated their practices into the training video.

I paid the $99 Reservation Fee. What happens now?
Congratulations! You’re only 2 steps away from dominating every HVAC contractor in your area! As soon as you reserve your area, we send you a link to an online questionnaire about your business. You should be able to complete it in less than 10 minutes.

As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, we’ll either send you an e-mail and/or call you to set up your Customization Conference (phone conference). The Customization Conference typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour. We’ll discuss some of your business practices, policies and procedures. All of the applicable information goes into your customized TrustBooks.

During the Conference, we’ll discuss some items we’ll need from you – things like your logo, a few pictures and anything else you think is important.

At the end of the conference, we’ll do 2 more things: First, we’ll share our desktop with you and map out your Exclusive Protected Area. We’ll also answer any questions you have – about the book, the process, and anything else you want to discuss.

As soon as we recieve all of your pictures and information, that’s when we begin customizing your books. Don’t forget – YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOK! It typically takes about a week to customize them, and then we send you a PDF PROOF of your book.

Spend a day or 2 reviewing your PROOF, and if there’s no changes, just give us your thumbs up to go to print. If there’s revisions, we make them in just a few days, and send you another PDF proof.

We don’t go to production and print until we’ve done our best to make you completely satisfied!  It’s that easy and it’s that quick!!

How long is my $99 Area Reservation valid?
NOTE:  The question is about the $99 Area Reservation.  This is PRIOR to publishing your book.  The $99 Area Reservation is valid for 30 days.

 (Once your book is completed and printed, your Exclusive Protected Area is valid for one year from your date of purchase.)

Please understand – we do not offer refunds. There’s a very good reason why the “Reservation” is only 30 days – it’s because we want you to be motivated to GET YOUR BOOK COMPLETED ASAP!

In other words, you have 30 days to:

  1. Return your completed questionnaire to us; and
  2. Complete our Customization Conference phone call.

If you have not completed the foregoing within 30 days of paying your $99 Reservation Fee, you may obtain a one-time-only 90-day extension for $299.

Remember – the Area Reservations are first-come, first-serve, and that’s because of the way we offer our books.  We typically choose a city and send every HVAC contractor located in that city an offer.  Because of that, and in many instances, we have other contractors attempting to reserve the same area.  If you are the first to pay the $99 Reservation Fee, YOU’RE LOCKED IN, but only for 30 days.

Related to this is our “90-Day Rule.”  We like to be fair and give you plenty of time (90 days after our Customization Call) to send us everything we need to complete your TrustBook customization – your logo, pictures and anything else we’ve discussed to finalize your customization.  This also includes proof reviews, revisions and final approvals.  In the event that you fail to provide all the content required and/or fail to provide proof revisions and/or proof approvals within 90 days following your Customization Call, we will transfer your file into an “Abandoned” status.  There are no refunds for any purposes or reasons whatsoever – even when we transfer files into the Abandoned status.

That doesn’t mean that your file is closed, but it does mean that we will not protect the Exclusive Protected Area that we worked together to choose during your Customization Call.  In the event that your area is still available when you choose to return and finalize your project, it will be our pleasure to work with you to accomplish that goal.

One final note about this:  Yes…  We get it…  “Stuff happens.”  We understand family issues, health issues and extenuating circumstances.  But when you’re not communicating with us, we start making assumptions…

It’s in your best interest to communicate with us and complete all the steps necessary within the time frames provided to maintain your exclusive area.

Tell me about the “Exclusive Protected Area.”
We want you to have a big advantage against any other HVAC contractors in your area.  We have software that identifies every zip code in your area, and it’s tied into the U.S. Census Bureau telling us how many households are in each zip code.  So during our Customization Conference, we’ll do a “desktop share” with you and create a map that allows you to have right around 100,000 households in your area.

You choose your primary zip code, and then we’ll create your exclusive area surrounding that zip code.  We have only one rule – the zip codes must be contiguous, meaning they must be adjoining or touching.  In other words, you can’t cherry-pick various zip codes around your city that aren’t touching or immediately adjacent to each other.

Your Exclusive Protected Area expires one year from the date you paid the $99 Reservation Fee.  If you want to extend your area for an additional year, you may do so simply by ordering an additional 100 TrustBooks at the then-current price.

We’ll do our best to send you an e-mail to remind you to order 100 more books, if you haven’t already done so, HOWEVER – this is not a guarantee that we will.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to calendar the anniversary date of your purchase.

Transparency here:  It’s not our intent to raise the price on the books.  But it’s possible that our printing and production costs could increase, and we need the flexibility to increase our prices based on increased expenses to us.  We think that’s being fair to you, and also that’s being fair to us.

I paid my $99. Why won’t you give me the entire city of Atlanta (or other major metropolitan areas)?
There’s 2 reasons why.  First, we believe in giving entrepreneurs a way to stand up against (what we call) the “behemoths” – the huge guys.  And the TrustBooks are a great way to do that.  The “behemoths” have the assets to buy a lot of media – TV, radio, print, etc., and it’s very hard to compete against that.  The TrustBooks give us smaller business owners a way to dominate in an ethical manner.  And remember – none of the behemoths are marketing “Trust.”  You will be with your new TrustBooks.

The second reason is that for almost any small to mid-size HVAC contractor, it’s difficult to serve an area larger than 100,000 households.  It’s a fair and reasonable geographic area, and if you’d like to have a larger area – let’s talk.  We don’t charge for the area, but we’ll ask you to purchase a higher number of TrustBooks.

Regarding the area, let’s say this:  Place an order for 100 books.  Let’s make sure they’re working for you first.  If you’re worried about someone else getting another area in your city, then let’s lock down another area for 90 days.  It’s only $299.

Will you send me a book so I can see it before I decide? Or, will you send me a book before our Customization Conference?
This is much like “the break-up” answer: “It’s not you, it’s me.” We formerly sent sample books. That was until we discovered that a few dishonest contractors (of questionable morality and ethics) used them to create their own books.

Remember – you’ll receive a PDF proof of your new TrustBook within a week of us receiving your content, logo and pictures. That’s pretty fast. There are over 57 items that are customized in the book. We’ll discuss many of them in the Customization Conference.

So you can thank a couple of bad apples for the policy change. But, during our Customization call or anytime thereafter, it will be our pleasure to share our desktop with you and show you many elements of the book. Sorry… We just won’t send out sample books anymore, and hope you understand.

Related to these questions, we recommend that you also review a question below – “How Many Changes Can We Make to the Book?

I didn’t see anything in your video about duct cleaning, geothermal, mini-splits or zoning. We provide those services. How can we get something in the books about them?
Easy – we’ll custom-write it for you. We’ll give you an additional 2 pages on any of those subject areas for a one-time fee of $299 per subject.
What about maintenance programs? Is there anything in the books about them?
Yes! No additional charges. We’ll discuss your maintenance program during our Customization Conference, and you can count on seeing it in your TrustBooks!
How many changes can we make to the book?
Alright… this is a little bit of a sensitive subject with us. You are experts in HVAC maintenance, service, and replacement.  We are experts in creating communications that ethically and honestly build trust, and that includes persuading and influencing people to say “yes” without it feeling pushy, salesy or obnoxious. We would not stand over your shoulder and question every service and repair decision.  Likewise, we ask that you give us the same respect by not questioning every section, question, sentence, paragraph, font, color, headline, etc. in the TrustBooks.

The TrustBooks are designed to build trust with your prospective buyers.  They are created with a massive amount of marketing science, neuro-language and behavioral science weaved into them.  Please give us the opportunity to serve you best and help you increase your closing ratios and sales by using your TrustBooks.

We’ve had clients revise and revise and revise…  “Well, I reviewed it, but Tom hasn’t…”  “Oops – we forgot – we want to add this…”  “Oh – I found 3 more pictures I want you to put in the book…”   “Here’s 30 changes I want you to make…”

We think you get the point…  We really are patient, and we understand forgetting something.  But there comes a point that we may ask for an additional $499 Customization Fee (don’t worry – we give advance warnings).

The way to avoid any additional fees is to have everyone involved on your team review the book, and then compile your requested changes.  That way there’s no back and forth and back and forth and back and forth…  This is all about us being fair with you and you being fair with us.

We try and be reasonable with revisions, but there’s a few things we won’t do:  We won’t add so much more copy (words) that it forces a new page and/or requires the removal of pictures and/or graphics.  That completely messes up the pagination of the book.  We won’t change fonts or colors for headlines, questions, body copy, title pages, etc.

One more thing…  Please don’t ask us to begin your customization prior to getting us your information, logos, pictures, etc.  We wouldn’t ask you to come out to our home or office and do a part of your work today, and then ask you to wait until next week to do more work. That’s just not how we’d treat you.

Now that we’ve ranted, let’s answer the original question, “How many revisions can I have?”

Our experience is that we typically get it right with the first revision. Sometimes we may need two revisions. We’re just like everyone else, and we make mistakes too.

After 2 revisions, maybe 3 (depending on the number of items per revision), it’s likely that we’re going to ask you for an additional $499 customization fee. That’s almost always avoidable when you get us everyone’s comments all at the same time.

How many pictures of mine do you need?
Your logo, a picture of you, a picture of your building, and a picture of your truck. Perhaps a picture of your in-office team, and perhaps a picture of one of your techs working on a system. If you have a picture of all of your team together – great. It’s that easy!

Some people send us a few more – their child(ren) standing next to a compressor, maybe 1 or 2 pics of their techs working on a system. That’s it!

And then we had a client the other day who sent us 257 images – 747 megabytes, and told us “you decide.” Please don’t do that to us or yourself. We get the idea and appreciate your confidence, but we want you to decide.

Can I have a digital version of the book?
We’ve done a lot of thinking about this, and we know you don’t want to hear this answer, but we won’t beat around the bush on this… The answer is no.  Here’s why:

It’s easy to copy digital stuff. That means that your competitor could digitally capture your book, revise it with their information, and before you know it, you no longer have the EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGE.

There’s another reason why. Think about it… EVERYBODY has digital books. What’s the value of them? ZERO!

THERE IS SO MUCH POWER IN GIVING A PROSPECT YOUR PHYSICAL TRUSTBOOK! That is SUPER-IMPRESSIVE!! Remember – your competitors are giving them a cheap little brochure they print on their office printers!! Why would we want to de-value the books by offering them digitally? And why would we give our competitors an opportunity to steal from us?  Make sense?

I saw that the TrustBooks have customer testimonials in them. Do we have to get testimonials and pictures for you?
This may surprise you, but we’d prefer that you didn’t. We’ve been doing this a while and there’s nothing that will delay this book more than asking your customers for testimonials and pictures. Plus, it’s something that many of our clients really don’t want to do… It’s not easy calling people and asking for testimonials or pictures.

We know and understand how difficult it is. We have “real people” who have granted their permission for us to use their pictures and testimonials. You’ll see that their testimonials are no different than the typical testimonials that your customers may give you except for one thing – they’re already done for you!

Okay… you want your own testimonials. We get that too. But 9 out of 10 people can’t get them to us within the first 30 days. Really! So start working on it. Get 6 pictures and get 6 testimonials (48 words or less), and we’ll put them in on your next printing. But please – DON’T LET THIS TESTIMONIAL-THING HOLD UP THE CUSTOMIZATION, PRODUCTION AND PRINTING OF YOUR FIRST SET OF BOOKS!!

I have another question, and I don’t see it here. How do I get the answer?
There’s 3 ways to get your answer:
1. The easiest way is to call us. Our phone number is 813-574-4355.
2. Send us an e-mail. Go to our “Contact Us” page, and send us a message. We’ll get back to you ASAP!
3. Review what we call the “fine print” – the Terms and Conditions.

(Transparency: If you do not complete your TrustBooks Customization Call within 30 days, your exclusive area will expire.)