Our Clients Rave

Amy Krauss
Michael Dunn
Joel Abbott
Simon Mckee
I’ve never had anything boost or increase my business more than these books!  Not even close!  The book is exactly what you said – a total trust builder.

You’ve helped position me far and above every other HVAC contractor here in Lakeview!

Doug Riley

“As soon as I meet a new customer, I give them my book.  When they ask me questions, I show them the answers in the book.

The one big change I really noticed is that I don’t get “priced” any more – they just hire me without getting other contractors proposals.  So now the process is a lot easier and faster.  Plus – I’m DEFINITELY closing a higher percentage of customers!!  You rock!

Chris Stearns

Pat Deferro
Steve Blazek

“Every single thing you promised has happened.  Derek and I have a super professional book that we’re both proud of, and we’re closing a lot more jobs!

You’re a treasure!”

Nevaeh Moore

“In less than a year, you’ve helped me become the stand-out and most trusted HVAC contractor here in Arlington!!
Greg Pfeifer

Todd Sateren
Gill Gilliom
“This really makes me upset that I paid my graphic designer $1,800 for a logo and a crappy brochure, and then I got your letter for the books.  These books are worth 100 times more than that crappy little brochure.

You should see people’s faces when I hand them my book!!  And as you already know, I’m closing more deals with a lot less effort.  You guys rock!”

Liam Roush

“To me, this was a no-brainer investment.  I’ve been tracking my sales calls and we’re closing a lot more sales now that we’re using the book.

Here’s one more thing I’ve noticed:  After they’ve read the book, there’s never any trust-related questions! This is awesome!

Dev Ghalen

“After using the book for almost a year, I’m noticing something interesting…  First of all – you were right.  A much higher percentage of prospects hire us after reading the book, and perhaps much more importantly…  The people who read the book don’t challenge us on pricing, and are less likely to negotiate.

I think it’s for 2 reasons:  First, they know we’re Straight-Up by showing them all the “Dirty Little Tricks” that other contractors do, and second – they come into the relationship with a high level of trust.

So the book accomplishes 3 important factors:

First, it closes more prospects.

Second, it also creates a much higher level of trust combined with number 3 – a lower tendency to negotiate – a TRIPLE WIN!

Your book is BRILLIANT!!

Tom Bierly

“I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but before I had my new book, I was envious of some of my competitors.  But thanks to you, my new book makes me SHINE and look super-professional – even better than any other HVAC contractor or plumber here in Bexley!”
Tom Beall

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